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Welcome to KinderArt®! I'm Andrea (on the left) and that's my mom Jantje (on the right). We are artists and art teachers who have taught in public and private school classrooms, public art galleries, our own art studio and for homeschooling groups. In fact, together we've taught (in person) more than 5500 children and more than 15000 adults. Whew!
We began in 1997 because at the time, we saw a real need for FREE art lesson plans that parents and teachers could access online. Soon after, YOU began sharing your ideas too. And so it continues today... nearly 20 years later.

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*Rainbow Zombies*
Oh yes. You read that right.

*Kiwi Bird*
You won't believe what this bird is made of!

*Gourd Guys*
Nothing says autumn like decorative gourds.

*Golden No-Carve Pumpkin*
Save your fingers!

*Banana Ghost Pops*
Craft your food and eat it too.

*Coffee Filter Turkey*
A quick and easy way to make a turkey for Thanksgiving.

A cool new resource for those looking to make art with recycled objects.