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Note: Grade levels are given as a guideline only. Lessons are always adaptable.

Finding ways to incorporate art into the everyday classroom is essential. It's been proven that early exposure to visual art, music, or drama promotes activity in the brain. What better way to create excitement in the math, science or history classroom? Art helps children understand other subjects much more clearly... from math and science, to language arts and geography. So go ahead, start incorporating art into your everyday teaching. Your students will thank you!

Choose from the subjects below to find many lesson plans and activity ideas for your school or home classroom.

Lessons about art and advertising, color mixing, becoming a curator and more.

Map making, paper mache planets and more.

Learning about the past.

Combing art with storybooks, poetry language arts activities and much more.

The connection between art and math is very strong.

Musical ideas and instruments that you and your kinderartists can make.

Olympic day and other ideas.

Blowing bubbles, growing seeds, keeping garden journals and more.

Getting to know you, cooperation and safety activities for the classroom as well as links to art history lessons.

All sorts of activities for kinderartists.


Math Art : Projects and Activities
by Carolyn Ford Brunetto
Dozens of creative projects to explore math concepts and build essential skills.

Using Caldecotts Across the Curriculum
by Joan Novelli
Reading and Writing Mini-Lessons, Math and Science Spin-Offs, Unique Art Activities and More!