Spring Indoors Bulletin Board Idea


Coloring pages, printables and construction paper are used here to create a springtime inspired bulletin board.

What You Need:

  • large butcher type paper — color blue
  • large bulletin board or wall
  • different colored construction paper
  • spring coloring book pictures of rabbits, flowers, etc
  • glue sticks and poster putty to hang up blue paper
  • crayons, tissue paper, pipe cleaners

What You Do:

  1. Hang up the blue paper. I cut it off the roll to desired size in our supply closet.
  2. The blue paper will become the “sky”
  3. Children can color and cut out pictures of the flowers, rabbits, etc and then paste with glue sticks onto sky paper
  4. Examples of what my daycare kids did:
    • Accordion folded two contrasting tissue papers and pinched in the middle with pipe cleaner to make butterflies, then bent pipe cleaners to resemble antennae.
    • Cut red construction paper in circles and used black paper to make dots to create ladybugs.
    • Brown paper to create tree and then put birds nest picture in tree.
    • Made a sun with yellow paper and pasted in sky where the sun would go.
  5. We used corrugated scalloped edge paper we use to border our bulletin boards with and pasted it on the bottom of the blue paper to create grass.
  6. The possibilities are endless. We wanted to create a wall with the illusion of looking out the window at a spring day and make it to scale. The kids loved this so much and got into it so much, they now want to do the other wall into a town with building, cars, streets, etc. My kindergartners made rainbows on paper then cut them out as well. All my ages loved this.

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