Cut and Paste Vase with Poppies

Cut and paste poppies.


This is a quick and easy cut and paste flower activity for kids of all ages.

What You Need:

  • Card stock background paper (8 X 11)
  • Red construction or tissue paper precut into 2 inch squares
  • Black construction paper precut into 1 inch squares
  • An assortment of colored construction paper for vase (8 X 5)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil or markers

What You Do:

  1. Have children cut imperfect round shapes out of red paper.
  2. Cut smaller round shapes out of black paper.
  3. Glue black round shape on center of each of the red shapes (poppies).
  4. Cut a low oval “vase” from the colored construction paper about 6″ X 4″.
  5. Glue vase to bottom of background paper.
  6. Glue poppies over edge of vase and on top in about three layers, overlapping and mixed height.

OPTIONS: Add some green leaves and stems. Mosaic the vase with cuttings of construction paper. Always write your name neatly on bottom right bottom of paper. Not on back.

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