Tin Can Painting for Two


Preschoolers will create a collaborative painting together using coffee cans, paint and golf balls.

What You Need:

•Empty Large Coffee Can With Lid
•Thin Paint
•One Golf Ball For Each Color of Paint
•Plastic Spoons
•Paper Cut To Fit Inside Of Can
•Two Children

What You Do:

  1. Place golf balls in a small bowl of paint.
  2. Each child uses a spoon to take out a golf ball from their color choice of paint (two colors work best, one for each child) and transfer them into a coffee can lined with art paper.
  3. Place lid on the can.
  4. Have children sit on the floor and roll the can back and forth for as long as they wish.
  5. When they are done, open the lid, pour the balls back into the paint and pull out the painting that they created together.
  6. To label the paper, do so on the back side before children start.
  7. To ensure that each child has a ‘copy’ to take home, have each pair make two.
  8. This is a wonderful photo opportunity, and if displaying the photos, have each pair make three creations!

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