Clay Gargoyles

Clay Gargoyle


Middle school students can make clay gargoyles using self-hardening clay.

What You Need:

  • pencil
  • 9″x 12″ drawing paper
  • self-hardening clay
  • pictures of Gargoyles from the internet and the library

What You Do:

After a lecture and discussion on what gargoyles are the students created their own designs.

They had to draw sketches of their creations for homework, then they had to hand sculpt their forms in clay.

I demonstrated different techniques they could use; coils, slabs, balls etc.

Their creative juices began to flow and the result was very unique.

There were tongues sticking out, horns coming out of heads and huge eyes!

Gargoyle Resources:

Kent’s Gargoyle Page

Walter S. Arnold – Stonecarver

Gargoyle Sculpture Photo: stefanimak

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