Marshmallow Bunny

Marshmallow bunny craft.


Learn how to make a bunny out of marshmallows.

What You Need:

  • 5 marshmallows for each bunny
  • red gumdrop
  • black gumdrop
  • cotton ball
  • scraps of white paper
  • 1 piece of fruit roll up
  • toothpicks

What You Do:

  1. Use three of the marshmallows to make the bunny’s head and body.
  2. Cut the other two marshmallows in half to make the four paws.
  3. Keep the marshmallows together with toothpicks. Check the illustration for proper placement.
  4. Cut two bunny ears out of white paper and attach them to the bunny with half a toothpick.
  5. Use the red gumdrop for the bunny’s nose, attaching it with half a toothpick.
  6. Use half a black gumdrop for each of the bunny’s eyes, attaching each with half of a toothpick.
  7. Tie the fruit roll up into a ribbon.

More Ideas:

Sandee Rigaux, a teacher at Westwood School in Thompson, Manitoba Canada suggests the following:

Gather one large marshmallow, toothpicks, pink paper ears and cloves.

Cut out two small pink ears from construction paper.

Tape each “ear” onto a toothpick. Insert these “ears” into the top of the marshmallow.

Take three cloves, push into the front of marshmallow for eyes and nose.

Take four toothpicks, break them in half and push them into the marshmallow to create whiskers.

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