Pop Up Card for Father’s Day

Pop Up Card for Father's Day. KinderArt.com


Kids can make this fun pop-up card for Father’s Day.

What You Need:

  • Arm Pattern (click here)
  • scissors
  • pencils
  • cardboard (very thin)
  • 9 x 12 white construction paper
  • crayons or fine line markers
  • glue


What You Do:

Have the child trace the arm two times onto white cardboard. Click here for the arm pattern.

Repeat step 1 on the white construction paper.

Then cut out the arms and place them horizontally so that the hands point outward and the thumbs are at the top.

With crayons or markers, have the child draw sleeves on the arms.

Fold the piece of 9 x 12 white construction paper to make a rectangle.

With the crease at the left, have them draw a picture of their dad on the front of the card. Then , add a personal note, such as “I love You, Daddy”.

The open the card and have them draw their faces near the top center of the cards, on the fold.

Next, have them fold 1/2 of the shoulder end of the each sleeve. (see illustration) Then glue the folded-under sections of the sleeves on either side of the card’s creased center as shown.

Below the arms, have the child write “This Much” and sign their names.

Pop Up Card for Father's Day. KinderArt.com


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