Winter Picture with Foam Shapes and Stickers


Use holiday themed foam shapes to create unique winter pictures.

This is a terrific lesson plan for Kinders and kiddos in grade 1. What’s lovely about it is it combines drawing, and… stickers! What child doesn’t LOVE stickers? We have had great success with this activity in kindergarten classrooms. It is great for the holidays, especially when you only have a few minutes to spare. We used oil pastels but crayons would work just as well – as long as your students press nice and hard when they colour.

What You Need:

  • black poster paper (or construction paper)
  • oil pastels (or crayons)
  • holiday themed foam cut outs from the craft store
  • white glue

What You Do:

Using the oil pastels (or crayons), create a background scene on the black paper. We had the children draw snowpeople but a scene with hills and trees works nicely too.

Glue holiday foam cut outs onto the paper to complete the scene.

This is a great 15 minute filler for the holidays.

Quick winter picture using stickers.

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