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GEORGES ROUAULT PORTRAITS Portrait Painting in the style of Georges Rouault

Level: Junior
Grades: 3-5 | Age: 8-11 | Written by: Kim Hoskins-Ward
[Kim is a teacher at Alexander and Denmark Elementaries in Jackson, TN.]
With notes from Andrea Mulder-Slater,

Students will learn about artist Georgee Rouault as they create a picture in the style of this important artist.



Georges Rouault, complementary colors, stained glass, portrait, facial proportions

What You Need:
What You Do:

Materials information: brown paper is used to emphasize the darkness of the colors, complementary color combinations create brown tones ( when mixing the complementary colors do so to create a streaked look so that some of the original color is visible in small areas), do not clean brush between colors - a dirty brush will add to the dark and muted look of the painting.

  1. Discuss the background of Rouault. He was a Fauve painter who used complementary colors to create dark and muted colors in his paintings. He also used black outlines to give a stained glass appearance to his work. He had a friend who designed stained glass windows and Rouault wanted to include this style in his own work.

  2. Students begin with pencils and draw a portrait. If students have not already learned the techniques for proper facial placements and proportions this should be done at this time.

  3. Next, students will paint using only skin colors and complementary colors. To complete painting students will outline with black to create the stained glass effect.

    Hint: I have my students create a one inch border around their paper before they begin their lesson. This border prevents paint from being used to the very edges of the paper and thus eliminates the need to cover work areas during a painting lesson. This saves time and is less messy.

  4. When paintings are complete, hang them up and have a discussion/critique of the work.

About Georges Rouault:

Type of Work: Painting
Born: 1871
Died: 1958
Nationality: French
Style/Movement: Fauvism; Expressionism
Best Known For: Painting corrupt figures.
Important Works: Three Judges, 1913, Little Olympia, 1906, Christ Mocked, 1932


About Georges Rouault

Recommended Books/Products:

Rouault (Great Modern Masters Series)
by: Georges Rouault, Jose Maria Faerna (Editor), Alberto Curotto

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