KinderArt Kitchen: Recipes

Find food recipes, as well as recipes for making your own art supplies.

Baking Clay Recipes

Here are two baking clay recipes that kids can use to make terrific sculptures.

Banana Pops

Learn how to make banana pops. This is a great snack kids can make on their own.

Bread Clay

You can make clay using a piece of bread! This clay is great for small items like beads and charms.

Chocolate Spots

These cookies are so easy, even the littlest of helpers can join in the fun. Ultimately no real baking is required, just some quick assembly and cooling time, and you’ll be the coolest Mom in town!

Cinnamon Butter

Learn how to make cinnamon butter for your muffins or pancakes.

Crispy Pops

This recipe is easy, it’s fun, and it’s great to eat! Kids love crispy marshmallow rice treats, and they love M&MsĀ®. Combine the two and put them on a stick, and you are a star in their eyes!

Dairy Free Avocado Ice Cream

This is a delicious dairy-free ice cream recipe I used for my daughter before she outgrew her milk allergy.