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No, we are not a school. We offer free online art lesson plans that parents and teachers can try in their home and school classrooms.


Our content may only be used for personal, non-commercial use. Teachers/Parents: please feel free to reproduce our pages for classroom use. However, our content may not be reproduced on another website, in print, on disc, etc. without permission from KinderArt. For details please see below.


While you are free to use the ideas you have found on KinderArt in your classroom or studio, you are not permitted to offer your services using the KinderArt name. This includes, but is not limited to advertising and or/offering classes, workshops, courses, etc. as “KinderArt”, “KinderArts”, “KinderArtists”.

KinderArt is a Registered Trademark in Canada and the United States.

The valid registration of a trademark in respect of any wares or services gives to the owner of the trademark registration the exclusive right to the use the trademark in respect of those wares or services. This right is deemed to be infringed by a person not entitled to the registered trademark, who sells, distributes or advertises wares or services in association with a confusing trademark or trade name.

A name that looks, sounds or suggests similar ideas as KinderArt may not, under any circumstances be used if it is likely to cause confusion with KinderArt.

Likely to cause confusion refers to the probability that a similarity between names could lead the public to believe they are one business, or related businesses, when they are not.

We are NOT affiliated with any organization or individual, in any country, offering KinderArt classes or workshops. Organizations or individuals offering KinderArt classes or workshops, are doing so illegally, without permission or endorsement.




The short answer is no, not at this time. But, we do accept submissions of lesson plans and blog posts.

KinderArt is a family-run website. Beyond a few friends and members of our family, we do not have employees or offer any opportunities for employment.

That being said, one of our readers forwarded us an message that they had received from a potential employer. The “employer” claimed he was with KinderArt.com and was offering jobs to people in the USA. Our concern is that job offerings like this are scams and someone is out there trying to collect personal information from unsuspecting people. The purpose of this paragraph is to let you know that we have not, and likely will not ever be, offering opportunities for employment. Anyone who claims to represent us and asks you for information or money is lying.

When you are dealing with strangers via email or the internet please take the time to investigate and be sure that the people you are dealing with are legitimate.


If you wish to republish anything you have seen on the KinderArt website, you MUST first obtain permission in writing. Reprinting content (text, images, etc.) from KinderArt, without permission, is copyright infringement. If you would like to reprint any of the articles, lessons, or other materials on this site, contact us. Please include:

  • The URL of the page(s) you are interested in reprinting.
  • Publication, Web site or other information about where content will be reprinted.
  • Your Name (and Position, if working on behalf of a company)
  • Your Email Address

The use of short excerpts or summaries, in accordance with the fair use doctrine of copyright law are acceptable and do not require reprint permission. Fair Use is: Use or reproduction of a work for private study, research, criticism, review or news reporting.) If you follow fair use guidelines , please:

Attribute KinderArt.com as the source.

Provide a link to the source page on this site if the excerpt or summary is used online.


KinderArt is owned and operated by Andrea Mulder-Slater and Jantje Blokhuis-Mulder. We are a mother/daughter team who came up with the idea to create a free online art education resource for parents and teachers. One afternoon, we developed a list 100 potential lesson plan ideas while sitting on our back porch, and the rest is history… You can read more about us here.


We are located on the East Coast of Canada.


Although fun to work with, coloring pages should be used carefully with children – especially those in the younger grades. Most importantly, children should be allowed to express themselves freely even if using a coloring page. The goal is not to color within the lines, choose colors that are “correct” or even to follow the image in the coloring page at all. Quite often children will be inspired by whatever they see on the coloring page and it will send them on their own creative path. Never judge a child’s coloring abilities. The objective should be fun and play for learning… not to “fill in the color blanks”.

THE FINE PRINT – Terms of Use

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