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Art Vocabulary - The letter Mm

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

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Definition: Medium is a fancy way of saying "art material". It is essentially the art material that is used in a work of art. For example: clay, paint, pencil and so on. If you are talking about more that one art medium, you say media.

Pronunciation: me·dee·um • (noun)

Also Known As: Media (plural)


Definition: A mobile is a group of three dimensional shapes which are suspended and free moving. There are basically three types of mobiles; those that hang from the ceiling, those that stand and those that are attached to a wall. The word mobile was coined by a fellow named Marcel Duchamp. If you want to see some really cool mobiles, look up an artist by the name of Alexander "Sandy" Calder.

Pronunciation: mo·bile • (noun) Also Known As: Stabile


Definition: This is any material that is formed into a form. Most modeling materials harden when the moisture in them evaporates (clay, sawdust clay etc.) but some do not harden and can be used again (plastecine, sculpting clay etc.).

Pronunciation: maw·del·ing • (noun)


Definition: Just as music has a feeling of movement, so too does a work of visual art. Movement can be achieved through vibrant brushstrokes or smooth textures.

Pronunciation: moov·ment • (noun)

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