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Art Vocabulary - The letter Rr

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

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Definition: This word is very literally used to describe when objects, subject matter or certain elements of art (point, shape, space, light, motion, direction, scale, dimension, line, form, texture, color) are repeated in a work of art.

Pronunciation: rep·i·ti·shon • (noun)


Definition: This is a bit tricky. When the regular repetition of particular forms or elements occurs in a work of art, that work is said to have rhythm. Rhythm also suggests motion in a work of art, just as in a work of music. Have a peek at the lines and brush strokes in a drawing or painting… chances are if you look long enough, you will begin to imagine a musical soundtrack. In literal terms, a mobile can have rhythm simply because it moves.

Pronunciation: rithem • (noun)

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