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The following are photographs of a drum created by Stephanie Gore after following our lesson plan.

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This is the drum I made from your online instructions. I had to make a few changes; most significantly, I did not use a needlepoint hoop in order to simplify and child-proof it for use by my 2-year old daughter. I attached the beach ball section with rubber bands, then wrapped it with black felt and black macrame cord. I was very excited when I found black felt with sticky backing! I added a little embellishment to the interior of the flower pot with a black felt tip pen and a gold pen. I also used an indelible black ink pen to color over the pink and blue edges of the beach ball that I couldn't stretch out of sight. The drum took me a little over two hours to make. I had to make a drum for my daughter's Kindermusik® class and knew I had to try your drum when I saw your adorable sample online. Thank you!
- Stephanie


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