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Come here often? If so, you will appreciate this page which shows you the most recent additions to KinderArt.

  • Pete and Callie Valentine’s Day- Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool Written by Kimberly and James Dean, this is a sweet story about how at first, Pete thinks Valentine’s Day isn’t cool. But then, he realizes all the special cats there are in his life. Once Pete the Cat realizes how much fun Valentine’s Day can be, he decides... Read more »
  • Art from the Heart: Paint Collaboratively with Your Kids- Have fun creating art together.. All you need is a permanent marker, some watercolour paint, a couple of paintbrushes, water (in a cup), and some heavy paper (watercolour paper or poster board). First, draw some fanciful heart shapes on the paper using a black permanent pen (a Sharpie marker is great). Don’t stress too much... Read more »
  • Dream Big MLK- This post is written in partnership with, nurturing each child’s passion, curiosity, optimism, and educational success. When my daughter first heard the story of Rosa Parks, it brought her to tears. Rosa was an African American woman who was arrested in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on... Read more »
  • Penguins on Ice- What Shall I Paint is the title of an Usborne book, one of several that I own.I love the colorful illustrations and the kid centered projects in this book. I am also drawn to those ideas that will get kids “out of the box” in their artistic thinking. I enjoy using materials that wouldn’t normally... Read more »
  • Polar Bear Portraits Polar Bear Portraits- What You Need: black construction paper blue construction paper white cartridge paper white chalk black and white oil pastel black charcoal chalks (optional) What You Do: Using white chalk on black construction paper students use the sides of their chalk to rub a round shape for the head and a body. Two smaller circles make... Read more »
  • Reindeer Portraits Reindeer Portraits- What You Need: Sulphite paper Pencils Oil Pastels (black) Tempera Paints Brushes Water   What You Do: Start with pencil and then go over your lines with black oil pastel. Place a finger at the bottom of the paper and trace both sides to make the neck. Using your opposite hand as a guide for... Read more »
  • Sea Life Snowflake Patterns *Sea Life Snowflake Patterns- By the Sea… At KinderArt, we live near the ocean and because of that, we spend a fair amount of time exploring the shoreline, always finding lots of inspiration near (and in) the water. To celebrate our seaside home, my husband (artist Geoff Slater) decided to create a series of fun marine life snowflake patterns... Read more »
  • The Doodle Post Get Creative with The Doodle Post- Surprises by Mail Erin Wynn is a Canadian mom, who – I’ve recently discovered – grew up practically down the street from me. Erin has has many years experience working with children and because she was a fine arts major at university, she also knows a thing or two about creativity. Her creative energy can... Read more »
  • Overlapping Shapes Art Lesson Plan Overlapping Shapes- What You Need: Paper Pencil Markers What You Do: The directions for this project are simple. 1) Ask children to draw a variety of overlapping shapes. 2) Then, encourage them to fill in the blanks with a variety of colors. I distinguish between three types of shapes:  Geometric; Organic (that found in nature); and Free-form.  Some... Read more »
  • Color for Calm Contest Color for Calm- Color for Calm We are celebrating National Coloring Day  this year by partnering up with Healthline in their Color for Calm contest. The  contest is meant to shine a light on mental health by promoting the therapeutic  effects of coloring for stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health  conditions. Starting on August 2nd, you can... Read more »