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Come here often? If so, you will appreciate this page which shows you the most recent additions to KinderArt.

  • Summer Camp! Summer Camp Crafts - Click the picture below for more than fifty Summer Camp Arts & Crafts activities!
  • Make an Art Book. Assessment. Art Book Assessment Tool - The Art Book The Art Book is a special series of lessons from Maryanne Messier, a teacher from Janesville Wisconsin. It was created to help art educators by giving them another form of assessment. The beauty of portfolio assessment is that it starts in kindergarten and can follow them through their elementary career. As the... Read more »
  • Egg Holder Craft for Kids and Adults. *Floral Egg Holders - Do you decorate for Easter? I don’t. Unless foil candy wrappers intermingling with piles of Easter grass scattered effortlessly across the floor can be considered decorating in which case yes, that was my house you saw in that issue of Better Homes and Gardens at the doctor’s office. But this year, I decided to kick... Read more »
  • All Natural Easter Egg Dyes. Full Recipes from *Natural Easter Egg Dyes - All the Fun with None of the Chemicals Do you love decorating eggs at Easter but hate the thought of using chemical-containing dyes? Maybe you have children who have sensitivities to the dyes found in food colouring and store-bought egg decorating kits, or perhaps you have little ones who are still too young to work... Read more »
  • How to make Easter Eggs. *Three Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Homemade Dye - Hop This Way When my daughter was younger, decorating at Easter consisted of me boiling a few eggs and letting my kiddo cover them with stickers, or paint them with washable watercolours. Later on, I broke out the glue and tissue paper. More recently, we’ve been experimenting with traditional dye baths, which are the most... Read more »
  • *Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life - What You Need: 12″ x 18″ white paper (poster paper) tissue paper in warm colors tempera paint (black, white, brown)  paintbrushes water containers and water glue, old paintbrushes and old yogurt containers What You Do: Day 1: Talk about Klimt (see info below). Show children a picture of Klimt’s painting, “Tree of Life”. (See Background... Read more »
  • Make mosaic flowerpots without using grout. art lesson plans. Mosaic Flower Pots - Think Spring! Decorating and personalizing your own flower pots is so rewarding and fun. Especially for children. What You Need: Terracotta pots A small container of drywall compound (when I say drywall compound, I don’t mean Polyfilla (it dries too quickly) I mean wallboard joint compound). Some glass gems from the dollar store Seashells Beach... Read more »
  • St. Patrick's Day Snakes. St. Patrick’s Day Snakes - Saint Patrick… According to legend, Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland in the 5th century by chasing them off the cliffs, straight into the sea. The truth is, snakes probably never existed on the Emerald Isle in the first place, but that’s no reason not to make a few cute and colorful... Read more »
  • Paper Hearts Art Lesson Plan. Faux Stained Glass Paper Hearts - Paper Heart Window Decorations Nothing says Valentine’s Day like windows plastered with paper hearts. I still remember loving the bright red and pink shapes that decorated the glass in my elementary school classroom. They are fun to look at and super easy to make. Follow along as I show you two variations on a theme... Read more »
  • Organic Shape and Line Collage *Organic Shape and Line Collage - OBJECTIVES: This lesson is part of our Elements of Art unit. Students have an understanding of the ways line, shape, and color are used to create art. In this lesson they are learning the difference between geometric and organic shapes in the world. Geometric shapes are the basic shapes that have names like circle and... Read more »