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Baseball Plaque

Grade: all   •   Age: all  •  Submitted by: Amanda Formaro
[Amanda Formaro is the entrepreneurial mother of four children.
She is the Chief Editor of Magazine.]

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If your Dad is a baseball fan, this plaque, made to look like an autographed baseball, is an ideal gift. Great for hanging in his office, above his tool box, or by his baseball memorabilia.

What You Need:

  • round wood plaque
  • sandpaper
  • stickers with fatherhood phrases
  • acrylic paint in white and red
  • red Sharpie ®marker or craft pen
  • acrylic sealer spray, matte

What You Do:

  1. Sand any rough edges and smooth out the flat surface for painting. Paint the entire plaque white, let dry, apply a second coat.

  2. Paint the rim of the plaque with red and let dry. Use a red Sharpie to draw on the "stitches". To do evenly, use a round object such as a jar or bowl, and trace around it on a piece of scrap paper. Use this scrap paper as your guide by laying it over the plaque and drawing your lines around the edge.

  3. Decorate with stickers. There are a variety of different stickers available with fatherhood type sayings and phrases. Check out the scrapbooking and sticker aisles of your local craft supply store.

  4. Spray entire surface with acrylic sealer spray and let dry completely, overnight is best.

About the Designer/Author:

Amanda Formaro is the entrepreneurial mother of four children. She is the Chief Editor of Magazine. Visit her kid's crafts section for plenty of other fun projects!

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