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Crayon Resist Eggs

Level: ECE, Primary, Junior, Middle School, High School
Grades: PreK and up | Age: 2yrs and up | Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
[Andrea is one of the creators of]

This is a simplification of a wax resist egg. All you need to do is draw on your egg with crayon before dipping it into the dye.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Using crayons, draw pictures and designs onto your egg. Make sure to press hard (but not so hard that the egg shell cracks!).
  2. When you are happy with the designs, lower the egg into the dye (see recipe below).
  3. When you remove the egg from the dye you will have a crazy crayon craft you won't be able to resist!

Note: If you want to keep your artistic eggs around for a while, it is best to use blown, rather than boiled, eggs. To do this, hold the egg firmly but gently and with a large needle pierce a hole into each end, making one hole larger than the other. Push the needle through both holes to break the yolk inside. Now, blow into the small hole and force the contents out of the large hole into a bowl until the egg is empty. Rinse the egg, dry it and squeeze some white glue on the holes to strengthen the egg. Remember to be extra careful not to break the shells when you are coloring with crayon.

Easter Egg Dye Recipe

Gather: 1/2 cup hot water; 1 teaspoon white vinegar; food coloring (approx 20 drops per color); stainless steelor glass bowl; eggs
Pour: water into the bowl. If there isn't enough to cover your eggs, double (or triple) the recipe.
Add: the food coloring and vinegar
Lower: eggs into the dye
Leave: eggs in the dye until desired color is achieved. If you want a darker color, add more food coloring.
Remove: the eggs and let dry.

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