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Subject: Halloween Craft
Grade: K-2
Age: 4-8

Submitted by: Patricia Jeska, a kindergarten teacher.


  • Halloween fun!
  • Building small motor skills
  • Becoming familiar with shapes

What You Need:

  • Large sheet of orange construction paper. (12"by 18")
  • One 2" by 18" strip of black construction paper.
  • Black construction paper scraps.
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Halloween shapes (pumpkins, ghosts) optional.

What You Do:

  1. Students fold the large sheet of construction paper in half lengthwise. (We call it hamburger style)

  2. Students cut from the fold side up to within one inch of the open side (do not cut through) these cuts are about one inch apart approximately 10 cuts.

    Hint: I usually draw a STOP line at the top open side to give them guidance as to where to stop.

  3. Open the orange paper up to full size and then fold around to create a chinese lantern, matching the short sides with the fold poking out.

  4. Glue one edge of the 12" side and overlap in to place.

  5. The 2" by 18" strip of black paper becomes the handle. To make the handle more interesting we usually cut the edges to look "spooky".

  6. Use the black scraps to make eyes, nose, and mouth using the triangle, circle, or rectangular shapes. BE CREATIVE.

  7. If you have ghost or jack-o-lantern or pumpkin shapes you can glue them to the top of the lantern for decoration.

Recommended Books:

Crafts for Halloween
by Kathy Ross, Sharon Lane Holm
Black cats, ghosts, and spiders come to life in a simple, illustrated guide to creating the perfect decorations for Halloween, designed so that even very young children can use readily available materials to master these holiday crafts.


Patricia Jeska has been teaching kindergarten for 3 years.

© Patricia Jeska

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