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Subject: Austrian Christmas Craft
Grade: 4-12
Age: 8-18

In Austria, the entire month of December is a celebration with December 5 marking the beginning of the season. A Kripp is an Austrian Christmas tree ornament.

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Carefully cut an opening in the side of a plastic fruit. Or, you could draw the image of an apple, pear etc on a piece of cardboard and cut it out.

  2. Spray the inside part or the plastic fruit with gold or silver spray paint. If you are using glitter instead, apply glue generously to the inside of the fruit and sprinkle the glitter. If you are using a cardboard cut-out, paint it gold or silver.

  3. Frame the opening of the fruit with bits of velvet or fancy cording.

  4. Cut a small scene out of a Christmas card and glue into the back of the opening of your plastic fruit. The picture will be curved inward --- this way you will see the gold or silver spray painted sections of the inside part of the fruit.

  5. Glue yarn or cording around the picture (you can get very detailed and do some very fine work at this point).

  6. Glue a piece of cording or string or yarn to the top of your fruit for hanging in your tree.

Recommended Books:

Christmas Around the World
by Mary K. Lankford, Karen Dugan

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