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Subject: Christmas Craft
Grade: 2-8
Age: 6-14

A fun tree decoration from nature.

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Draw a tiny little face on the wooden ball, marble or stone. This will be the elf's head.

  2. Take a small piece of construction paper, and make a cone that will fit snugly on the ball or stone. This will be the elf's hat. Glue the paper cone onto the ball or marble.

  3. Glue the elf's head to the top of a pine cone.

  4. You can if you wish, paint the pine cone or dab some glue here and there and sprinkle glitter.

  5. Glue or tie some cording or string to the pine cone so it can hang in your tree.

Recommended Books:

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by Sharon Dunn Umnik

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