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Grade 4-6
Age: 8-12

Based on a lesson submitted by B. Church - teacher at Teetersville School.


What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Look at pictures of fireworks or, if possible, home videos or movies that have firework displays.

  2. Talk a little bit about fireworks, what they are, how to be safe when using them or watching a fireworks display.

  3. Then, have the children take a sturdy piece of art paper.

  4. The entire sheet is coloreds over with crayon using a variety of bold firework colors. None of the manilla tag should show through.

  5. Once this is completed paint over the entire piece with black paint. The paint should be black like the night sky.

  6. The paint should cover the entire crayon work, but not be so thick that it will crack when it dries.

  7. Once the paint has dried, each student takes a wooden skewer and scrapes off a fabulous firework design.

  8. The colors showing through will appear as the fireworks appear in the black night sky.

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