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Age: 6-12

Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater, KinderArt.


Having fun during the holiday season.

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Students draw Santa's face on white paper, making sure to draw a very large beard.

  2. Students cut Santa's hat out of red construction paper.

  3. Students glue the hat onto Santa's head.

  4. Santa's face can then be drawn on the paper using markers, crayons, etc.

  5. Once the face has been created, the next step is to create a calendar for the month of December. This is drawn on Santa's beard (see photo).

  6. You do not need to worry about days of the week... only the numbers 1 through 31.

  7. Use this calendar to count down the days of the month. At the beginning of each day, students glue a cotton ball onto the corresponding date on the calendar. At the end of the month, Santa's beard will be filled in!


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