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St. Patrick's Day Parade Ideas

Grade: K-6   •   Age: 4-10   •  Submitted by: Stephanie McGhee
[Stephanie is a teacher at Helen Keller School in Talladega, Alabama]

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To provide students with opportunities for participation in sensory stimulating activities.

What You Need:

  • poster board
  • paint sticks
  • cardboard tubes
  • paint
  • patterns
  • heavy cardboard
  • gold glitter
  • glue
  • cans
  • washtub

What You Do:

The week prior to St. Patrick's Day, my students begin making a variety of items to be used in our annual parade.

Students make very large shamrocks and paint them green.

They attach these to paint sticks or cardboard tubes.

They also make large pots of gold and shamrocks out of heavy cardboard which they paint and decorate with glitter.

Students decorate tin cans, washtubs, etc. (anything will do) to use as drums and instruments.

On St. Patrick's Day the entire school gathers.

Signs, poster, instruments, hats, etc. are passed out and we embark on our annual parade.

The students and the teachers love this event. We walk through our school as cafeteria, custodial, clerical staff stand in the hallways cheering us on.

We then walk over to the campus next door where the students receive a great deal of positive reinforcement.

This lesson provides students with auditory, visual and tactile stimulation.

Author Bio:

Stephanie McGhee has been teaching multi-disabled, sensory impaired students for 17 years. She helped develop a curriculum that is thematic-based and provides sensory stimulation for students at the Helen Keller School, a component of the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind.

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