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Grade: PreK-2
Age: 2-8

Submitted by: Karen Rowley a teacher at Norbert Pre-Kindergarten in Orange, California.


To assist children in discovering the many things we are thankful for.

What You Need:

  • Colored construction paper
  • Patterns for tracing the feathers, or you may pre-cut feathers from colored construction paper
  • Red paper for the waddle
  • Orange paper for a beak and feet
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marking pens or crayons

What You Do:

  1. The finished product is a turkey with multi-colored or monotone colored feathers.
  2. On each feather the child has said what s/he is thankful for.
  3. The children may also draw a picture on their feather.
  4. We chose to make one big turkey in our classroom. The children made two feathers and chose where they wanted them placed on the turkey. They can elaborate as they put the feathers on.
  5. We incorporated this activity into our Circle Time. We read several books, sang songs, and did fingerplays about Thanksgiving and thankful turkeys!!
  6. This activity can be adapted to a variety of age and developmental levels.

    To make the turkey body:

    • Paint the bottom of one foot with brown paint
    • Have the child stand up and make a print with his/her toes spread open.
    • Have a dish pan with soapy water and lots of towels readily available to wash the foot afterwards!
    • When the footprint dries, the child will cut it out and turn it with the heel side up for the head.
    • Give him his turkey legs, eyes, beak and waddle using red and orange paper and marking pens or crayons.
    • Glue to the turkey.

  7. Children will cut out their feathers for their turkey (5 to 8 is ideal)
  8. Have the child draw a picture and dictate or write about what s/he is thankful for. Write down exactly what they say (even if it doesn't make sense!)
  9. Glue the feathers behind the turkey with the writing facing forward so that it can be seen when on display.
  10. Share the turkeys during group time.
  11. Off you go A-Gobbling!


Karen Rowley is the Director for a Pre-K program and Extended Day Care Program. She has been a Director and a Teacher for Preschool through Junior High School children in State funded Pre-schools, Private Schools and Church based schools.

© Karen Rowley

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