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Newspapers in the Classroom: KinderArt - K12 (For Teachers & Homeschoolers)
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Newspapers in the Classroom

Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
[Andrea is one of the creators of]

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If you have students who love to write stories, draw pictures and organize information, why not create a classroom newspaper?

Newspapers are fun way to keep track of events at your school - specifically in your classroom - and creating one from scratch will help your students understand how real newspapers are put together.

Read on and before you know it, your classroom will be all abuzz with ideas, charts, letters, articles and pictures.

First of all, decide who is going to work on what section of the newspaper. Why not assign or have students choose a specific theme? For example, one group could handle the Sports section. Another could take care of the Arts and yet another group could concentrate on The Great Outdoors, Weather and even Classifieds. All students should have some say as to which News Stories will be included.

You could center your newspaper around a special holiday - like Martin Luther King Day or even Valentine's Day. Articles that deal with a specific event are called features.

Next, before you begin any work, its a good idea to have a look at a few different examples. Collect some from home, or find them at your local or school library. As you are reading through your newspapers, take note of what sections you see. How long are the articles? How many photos are there? Are any illustrations or drawings included on the pages? Keep a notebook of what parts of the newspaper appeal to you the most (crosswords, quizzes, opinion pieces, columns, interviews, jokes, etc.) These are the areas you will concentrate on in your classroom newspaper.

Keep track of your ideas by separating them into sections, much the same as a real paper is in sections. Do you want a sports section? An arts page? A science column? These are the things you need to decide. If the newspapers you have are old and no longer being used by anyone, cut some of your favorite sections and pictures out. They will come in very handy later on.

One really wonderful way to decide what kind of feeling your newspaper will have, is to carry out a survey, either in the classroom proper or the entire school. Questions you could ask include, What do you like reading about? Do you prefer pictures or stories? and What do you like best in the newspapers you read?

When you are set with your ideas, you will have to think about the next steps which include actually putting the newspaper together and distributing it to your readers.

Decisions to be made include:
  • How many pages will your newspaper have?
  • Who will write the articles?
  • Who will draw the pictures and/or take the photos?
  • How many articles, news stories, crosswords etc. will the newspaper have?

Helpful Resources:

Publishing a Newspaper

Publishing a Newspaper

Students build practical and creative writing skills as they learn about all that goes into a newspaper--from news stories, reviews, and editorials to recipes, comics, and ads.
Available through the mail or as an ebook!



The School Times is a realistic 4-page newspaper format. It has space for headlines, news stories, sports, features, entertainment reviews, editorials, ads, a weather report, a comic strip, and more. 15 newspapers. 11" x 17"
Available through the mail or as an ebook!

Newspaper Reporters
Exciting hands-on activities help students learn all the basics about reporting, writing headlines and stories, interviewing, proofreading, and more. This book is an excellent resource for setting up a school newspaper.
Available through the mail or as an ebook!

More Resources:

One way to introduce the idea of creating a classroom newspaper is to use some of the readily available lessons and activities provided by the big guys.

Find out more at Newspapers in Education.

How Newspapers Work

Newspaper Activities Support Children's Learning in Many Ways
A great article written by By Joyce Melton Pag├ęs, Ed.D

Using Newspapers in the Classroom

Newspapers as Teaching Tools

The Brownsville Herald - Creating a Classroom Newspaper

On your marks, get set, get a newspaper together...

© Andrea Mulder-Slater, KinderArt®

© KinderArt ® |

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