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When Will It Be Spring? - A Book Review

When Will It Be Spring?
by Catherine Walters
Reading level: 3-7
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Book Review

When Will It Be Spring?
by Catherine Walters
Reading level: 3-7

Alfie is a bear cub who can't wait for spring. His mother explains that winter is coming and it's time to go to sleep. "When will it be Spring?" Alfie asks. Alfie's mother explains in gentle terms the different signs of Spring, giving a new sign each time the question is asked.

Because Alfie is so anxious for Spring to arrive, he is unable to remain asleep for long periods of time, waking several times during hibernation. Each time, he wakes his mother and insists that he sees a sign of Spring. And each time his mother shows him that it is still winter and gently encourages him back to sleep.

The last time Alfie wakes he finds it really is Spring. "But where is Alfie?" his mother asks. He can be found fast asleep in the wildflowers and warm grass!

This delightful book, with heart warming illustrations, shows how patience is a virtue. That good things will come to those who wait. Ms. Walter's drawings are so warm and friendly it makes children want to snuggle with Alfie and his mother. The colors are lovely and there is much attention to detail.

Amazon recommends the reading level of this book to be "Baby-Preschool". I disagree. This is a 28 page story with very detailed illustrations. Children ages 3-7 years will certainly enjoy this book. While babies enjoy being read to from any book, including this one, larger print words and sharp contrasting colors are generally more attention grabbing for the very young.

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Amanda Formaro is the entrepreneurial mother of four children. Subscribe to her free weekly kid's craft newsletter, Busy Little Hands, by sending any email message to kidscrafts-on@mail-list.com or by visiting her website at http://familycorner.com

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