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Welcome to KinderArt And The KinderArt Club!

KinderArt® and The KinderArt Club are for classroom teachers, art educators, homeschoolers, after-school program directors, future teachers, college students, artists and parents who want to enrich their children’s artistic lives at home.

The goal of KinderArt® has been and always will be, to make art lessons accessible to everyone. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years and we’ll continue to do it for many more. We’ve had more than 80 million visitors make use of our collection of lessons and we can help you too.

Art lessons by age or grade.
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The KinderArt Club

Spring Activities

animals (45) art assessment (10) Art Book (10) Back to School (25) birds (12) books (11) bulletin boards (14) chalk pastels (17) clay (12) color (23) coloring pages (9) color mixing (11) colour (22) crayons (46) eggs (9) First Grade (10) flowers (29) food (15) found objects (68) glitter (12) glue (34) handprint (11) hearts (10) ink (18) insects (17) KinderArt Blog (56) kindergarten (34) line (25) make your own art supplies (13) markers (70) music (19) nature (35) ocean (13) oil pastels (26) paint (198) paper (168) paper mache (8) pencil crayons (16) pencils (27) recipes (17) science (10) shape (29) snowflakes (11) space (11) special days (12) summer camp (13) tempera (9) texture (19) toilet paper rolls (11) wood (9)


Using materials found in every art room, students will draw criss cross lines to create shapes for doodles to live! Then, by following a few basic prompts, kids can work freely to make unique works of art.

This lesson is a short excerpt of a long-form lesson plan which can be found in the Scribbles & Doodles Bundle, inside The KinderArt Club.

Find the lesson HERE.


This lesson is from the NEW book Awesome Architecture Activities for Kids (written by the KinderArt Crew!) which features 25 exciting STEAM projects to design and build.

Find the lesson HERE.


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Andrea and Jantje

I’m Andrea, that’s me on the left! When my mother Jantje (to my right) and I created KinderArt in 1997, we were leading children’s workshops at a local art gallery. One day we decided to look online see if there were any resources for art teachers and found that there were very few (hello Ken Rohrer and The Incredible Art Department!). Not long before, we had made the move into “cyberspace” by placing our Art Studio business online. So, along with that, we created what was at that time a modest resource for art teachers, with about 20 art lessons…


You are currently on the site which features lots of free art activity ideas for kids (I hope you are enjoying them!) HOWEVER, if you are looking for more detailed art lesson plans, drawing lessons, printables, sketchbook starters (and more) provided monthly, you will LOVE The KinderArt Club – a membership portal designed for parents, homeschoolers, classroom art teachers and studio instructors.

Inside the club you will find hundreds of printable PDF art lessons designed to work in small or large group settings, with a range of ages (from 5 to 12 years). Get creative teaching kids at home, instructing students in a classroom, leading workshops in a studio, or sharing online, as you explore artists, art periods, science, nature, history, cultures and themes, with creativity and flexibility in mind.

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