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A Note About Advertising

Ever since the first publication rolled off a printing press, most have been supported in part by advertising revenue.

Like you, we find some advertisements can be somewhat annoying. Still, some can be quite entertaining and many can be rather useful. The real purpose is of course for the advertiser to make you aware of his or her product. For this he/she pays some money to the media which in turn helps to support the publication in question – in this case,

While we would LOVE to offer you all of our art lessons and other material, in an advertisement-free environment, the reality is that we do need to earn some revenue in return for our efforts. We thought long and hard about the best way to share art lessons with those around the world and in our opinion, free is best. We are a family run website — (see more about us here). We are not a huge corporation, nor do we employ hundreds of people. We are simply a family of artists who decided to make art education information available for free online. In exchange, we earn some revenue from the ads which appear on our site.

The ads that appear on our site are managed by a third party which reduces the amount of control we have over their content as well as the other way around. We think that’s a pretty fair quid pro quo. That being said, we do our very best to filter out advertisements which we would deem inappropriate for a site such as ours (visited by teachers, parents and children). If you do happen to see an innapropriate advertisement on KinderArt, PLEASE, let us know immediately so that we can have it removed as soon as possible!

At a minimum, we ask you to accept the intrusion of advertisements in good grace and if some advertised product or service possibly meets a need, why so much the better.

That being said, if you would like to advertise your product or service on, please Contact Us.

Thank you,
Andrea Mulder-Slater
Co-Founder/Producer, KinderArt®

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