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Art Lessons By Medium or Technique

This page is your gateway to the many art lesson plans available on KinderArt®. Lessons are categorized by medium. Each section (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Collage, Art History, Multicultural Art, Recycling, STEM, Drama, Architecture, Crafts, etc.) features a list of lesson plans organized alphabetically. You can also view lessons by recommended age/grade levels.

Drawing Lessons for Kids


Drawing is one of the most important activities you and your students can do. Drawing not only provides the basis for other creative activities – like painting, sculpture and printmaking – but it also provides a direct link with reading, writing and especially mathematics.

Painting lessons for kids.


A collection of painting lesson plans including how to paint with watercolour, tempera, acrylic and ink.

Printmaking Lessons for Kids


Fine art printmaking involves the creation of a master plate from which multiple images are made. There are four main types of printmaking.

Sculpture Lessons for Kids


Our sculpture lessons include forming, carving, collage, gluing and make use of materials such as clay, wood, soap, paper, tape, beans, foam, metal and stones.

Art History for Kids

Art History

Students will look at the work of an artist, examining their style and the materials they used. Each student will then have the opportunity to create his or her own work in the style of the selected artist.

The Art Book

The Art Book

The Art Book is a special series of portfolio assessment lessons created for K-2 teachers.

Multicultural art lesson plans for kids.

Multicultural Art

Find traditional folk art techniques from Africa, South America, North America, Australia (and more). Children can make cool multicultural creations as they learn more about the world around them.

Learn how to make musical instruments.

Musical Instruments

Here find ideas for incorporating music into your art lessons as well as fantastic musical instruments that you and your kids can make.

Seasonal arts and crafts for kids of all ages.

Seasonal/Holiday Art

Holiday crafts for spring, summer, fall and winter. Includes lesson plans and activities for major holidays as well as lesser known special days throughout the year.

Crafts for Kids


We have a huge selection of fun and easy craft ideas for kids of all ages. Lots of our crafts make use of items that can be found around the house.

How to use recycled materials to make art.


Find inspiration in the recycle bin as you learn how to make musical instruments from flower pots, gargoyles from coffee trays and relief carvings from drywall. These lesson plans and ideas will inspire you to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Architecture Lesson Plans for Kids


Find lesson plans that teach children the basics of architecture including drawing, designing, building and creating structures and buildings.

Textile and Fabric Lesson Plans


A growing list of textile and fabric lesson plans, ideas, crafts and activities for kids of all ages.

STEM lesson plans for kids


Science (including science experiments), Technology, Engineering and Math activities and lesson plans can be found here.

Bulletin board ideas for school teachers.

Bulletin Boards

One thing that is always on every teacher’s mind is what to do with tired old bulletin boards. So, this section of KinderArt is devoted to just that… dressing up bulletin boards. Here, teachers and parents from around the world share their excellent decorating ideas.