Artist Mice Bulletin Board Idea


Directions on how to create a preschool classroom bulletin board using mice (and student photographs) as the theme.

What You Need:

  • construction paper
  • laminating film
  • hot glue
  • small mouse cutout – Mice for Bulletin Board
  • picture of each child’s face

What You Do:

  • Displaying children’s art is very important in preschool classrooms.
  • At the beginning of the school year we make an art “frame” for each child from construction paper.
  • We cut out the middle of a large sheet about 1″ from the edge all the way around.
  • We laminate it and attach it with hot glue on three sides to a second uncut sheet. These are stapled to the bulletin board.
  • When a child completes a project we slip it into the open edge of his “frame”.
  • Because children this age cannot always read the names,we identify each frame with a small cutout of a mouse.
  • We cut out the face of the mouse and replace it with a picture of the child’s face.
  • We glue this mouse to the child’s art frame.
  • This bulletin board stays up all year, but changes as the children design new art work.

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