The Elements of Art Bulletin Board Idea

Elements of Art bulletin board idea.


Use the elements of art to decorate a bulletin board in your classroom.

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape or stapler
  • Pencils
  • A computer (to type out words/descriptions) or you can just use pencils/markers and paper.

What You Do:

Decorate your bulletin board with the elements of art words.

Optional: Find works of art to illustrate the descriptions.

Elements of Art:

A mark made by a drawing or painting tool. A dot out for a walk.

Color is what we see because of reflected light. There is no color in the dark.

Texture is the look and feel of the surface. Can be smooth, rough, bumpy, jagged, soft.

Space is the area between and around objects. Can be real or can be an illusion.

Form is the shape of objects. Can be real or can be an illusion.

Shape is the area inside or outside of a line. Can be positive or negative.

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