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Containers Kids Can Make as Gifts

Containers Kids Can Make as Gifts
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Kids can recycle as they turn trash into treasure for teachers, grandparents and friends.

By: Andrea Mulder-Slater

There’s something special about gifts made by kids, especially when those gifts are functional. Containers make perfect presents because they can hold so many different things – from art supplies and kitchen utensils, to bike tools and cut flowers.

Here are five ways your kids can recycle and turn everyday items into useful keepsakes for teachers, family and friends.

Simply gather:

  • Empty containers including (but not limited to): oatmeal boxes, jam jars, wine bottles, vitamin bottles and tin cans.
  • Paper (construction paper, tissue paper, scrapbooking paper)
  • Yarn
  • Stickers and/or Washi Tape
  • Popsicle® (craft) sticks
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge® (optional)
  • Paint, paintbrushes and water

Supplies for making crafts.

Oatmeal Box + Paper = Knitting Caddy or Tool Canister

  1. Cut paper to size.
  2. Spread glue on the back of the paper and affix to the oatmeal box.
  3. When dry, add some stickers or paint. Or leave as is.
  4. Seal with Mod Podge® for a finished look.

Knitting caddy. Bike tool caddy.

Wine Bottle + Yarn = Fancy Vase

  1. Remove label from wine bottle and clean thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Cover top half of bottle with glue.
  3. Hold the top of the bottle and turn it while holding the yarn in place.
  4. When needed, add more glue.
  5. Continue to turn the bottle until it is covered with yarn.
  6. Seal with Mod Podge® or watered-down glue.

Wine bottle container.

Jam Jar + Tissue Paper = Pencil Holder

  1. Tear or cut up pieces of tissue paper.
  2. Paint Mod Podge® (or watered down glue) onto the jar.
  3. Add layers of tissue paper, making sure to paint Mod Podge® over top and in between each layer.
  4. Let dry.

Pencil holder.

Tin Can + Craft Sticks + Paint = Paintbrush Pot

  1. Clean tin can and remove the label.
  2. Paint craft sticks with watercolour paint and let dry. Or, use markers to decorate sticks.
  3. Glue painted sticks to the can using hot glue (faster but requires adult assistance) or white glue (takes longer to dry).

Paintbrush holder.

Vitamin Bottle + Stickers = Teaspoon Tub

  1. Clean the vitamin bottle and remove the label.
  2. Apply stickers and/or Washi Tape as desired.
  3. Add a few extra details with paint (optional).
  4. Seal with Mod Podge® (optional).

Teaspoon holder.

Of course, these ideas are only the beginning. You can use almost any container (water bottle, cereal box, cotton swab box, cat food can, etc.) and almost any art medium (paint, paper, beads, etc.) to make fabulous gifts for friends and family. So go ahead and get creative!

Kid-made container gifts.

This post first appeared on YMC with the title: 5 Cool Craft Containers Kids Can Make as Gifts

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