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Fall Craft Printables

Fall Craft Printables
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Get your kids into the pumpkin spice spirit with these family-friendly printable crafts from our friends at Shutterfly.

You and your kids will have hours of fun crafting playthings or cute decor items for the house.

1) Leaf Animals

Leaf Animals Fall Craft

Whether you have a plethora of fall leaves in your backyard or are looking to bring some autumnal colors to your home, this craft has you covered. Simply print out the fall “leaves” or grab a leaf from outside and decorate with just the eyes, ears and nose.

Click to print a pdf.

2) Halloween Joke Teller

Halloween Joke Teller Craft

A spooky spin on the classic schoolyard game. This joke teller is decorated with cute Halloween characters, like Dracula and Frankenstein. Write fun predictions like who will get the most candy this year or who will get the biggest fright.

Click to print a pdf.

3) I’m Thankful For… Handout

I'm Thankful For... Handout for Kids

This Thanksgiving activity gives everyone in the family a chance to participate. Print out and use as place settings for friends and family to share during their meal or provide as an activity for the kids table.

Click to print a pdf.

4) Thankful Turkey

Thankful Turkey Printable Craft for Kids

Print out this cute turkey DIY to give kids a fun and easy activity to do as they await the big feast! You can print out the paper feathers for kids to write their name or what they’re thankful for, or pick up craft feathers for a “real” turkey.

Click to print a pdf.

5) Thanksgiving Placemat

Thanksgiving Placemat Craft for Kids

Keep your little ones preoccupied with this simple coloring placemat. There are activities, like a maze, as well as a spot for kids to add what they’re thankful for. Ask your child what their favorite part of the meal is and have them draw it on their placemat before dinner!

Click to print a pdf.

6) Turkey Party Hats

Turkey Party Hat Crafts

No celebration is complete without party hats! Have the family pitch in on making party hats for everyone invited to Thanksgiving dinner. Use them as place settings and see your guests smile ear to ear when they wear them.

Click to print a pdf.

7) Turkey Finger Puppet

Turkey Finger Print Craft Printable for Kids

Have your kids create a turkey puppet for some post-dinner entertainment. Buy craft feathers or use leaves from outside for colorful plumage. Combine this craft with the turkey party hats (above) and you’ll have a turkey themed crew!

Click to print a pdf.


Thanks to our friends at Shutterfly for sharing these terrific crafts with us! Find even more terrific fall craft ideas for kids here.

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