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Party Hat

Party Hat
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This big hat is perfect for parties of all sorts. It is easy to make and even more fun to wear.

By: Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

For this type of hat, you will need some heavy paper (poster board from the dollar store is perfect), one or two pipe cleaners, a pencil, a pair of scissors and some decorating items like paint (or markers) and glitter glue.

What You Do:

If you want a really tall hat, twist two pipe cleaners together. If you want a shorter hat, just use one pipe cleaner.  Either way, you will want to securely attach one the pipe cleaners to the end of your pencil.

Twist a pipe cleaner around a pencil.

Then, standing over the paper, hold one end of the pipe cleaner(s) at the corner and pull tightly on the pencil as you draw an arc on your paper. Special thanks to my mom for demonstrating this technique.

Draw a line on the paper to measure.

When you cut out the shape, it should look like this.

Hat cut out shape.

Next, measure how big your hat needs to be by placing it on the party-goer’s head. You will need to twist the paper a bit to get the right size.

Measure the paper.

Once you have the right size, throw a staple in the end to keep things together.

After that you will need to secure the edges of the hat together. You can do this with tape or a really big stapler, but I used craft glue (which was held together by rolling elastics onto the cone).

Oh and don’t panic if the top of your cone has a little opening. Since you will be adding decorations up there, there’s no need to stress out.

Add some elastics.

Once the glue has dried, it’s time to decorate using whatever you have at your disposal.

For my hat, I began by painting blobs of colour all over the cone. Then, I grabbed my daughter’s glitter glue and made circles where it looked like it needed them. To finish off, I stuck a bunch of pipe cleaners into the top of the cone and stapled a piece of glitzy garland (which I snatched from our Christmas tree) around the bottom edge.

Note that it’s a good idea to tape over any staples on the inside of the hat so they don’t get caught on your hair. Also, you may need to staple two pieces of yarn to the bottom of the hat so you can tie it under the chin.

Big party hat!

Party hat!

Yes, it is GIANT, but a big celebration calls for a big hat, don’t you think?

This craft first appeared on the Yummy Mummy Club with the title: Make Some Noise! NYE Noisemakers and Hats for Kids to Make

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