Beaded Keychain

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This beaded keychain craft is a traditional summer camp, Scout or Guide project.

By Connie Miller [Connie is a teacher from Lebanon, Tennessee]

What You Need:

  • Different colors of beads {plastic is most durable}
  • Strings of leather
  • A key ring

What You Do:

Put the beads in a bowl, mixing the colors together.

Give each child a key ring & a string of leather that is 6 inches in length.

For younger children, parent or teacher needs to fold the string in half & tie it onto the key ring. Older kids can do this themselves.

Do not knot this.

Let each child take one bead at a time from bowl & slide it onto the string until they have 6 beads of their choice.

Then knot the end of the string pushing the knot towards the last bead.

Make sure the string of beads hang straight yet there is no extra slack.

Do the same for the other part of the string.

Now it’s finished & the string can be pushed around on the key ring to move the string out of the way to get the keys on the ring.

Image: YouTube