Grass Head Guy

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Using a nylon stocking and some grass seed, your students will see how fast grass grows.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater/ With notes from Ms. Herbert, a teacher from Detroit Michigan

What You Need:

  • nylon stocking feet
  • small container (from single serving yogurt of cottage cheese or coffee cups or small Dixie┬« cups)
  • rich top soil
  • grass seed
  • water (as needed)

What You Do:

  1. Put some grass seed into the nylon stocking foot.
  2. Add some top soil on top of the seed.
  3. Turn upside down and tie a knot in the stocking foot and trim so only a little bit hangs down. The seed should be right side up.
  4. Place the filled stocking foot, knot side down into a small container or coffee cup (filled with water).
  5. Decorate the stocking with permanent marker or googly eyes – to create a face.
  6. Store inside the classroom on a window ledge or where space is available.
  7. Water as needed.
  8. Each day let the children check to see if any “hair” has grown!
  9. When the “hair” is long enough (over the top) let the child give it a haircut!!

Optional: You can use a Styrofoam cup instead of a nylon stocking foot.