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Handprint Angel Craft for Kids

Handprint Angel Craft for Kids
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Children will enjoy using their own handprints to create paper angels. All you need is construction paper, scissors and glue.

By Carol Ingram [Carol is a teacher at Mainland Christian School in Texas City, TX.]

What You Need:

  • Blue (or other color) construction paper
  • White construction paper
  • Manila paper & brown construction paper (see if you can find multicultural construction paper).
  • Gold cord or gold paper
  • Safety scissors
  • Child’s photo (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Children trace hands on white construction paper and cut shapes out. Assist where necessary.
  2. Children cut triangle out of white paper. Assist where necessary.
  3. Children cut circle out of construction paper. Assist where necessary. (You may wish to match the color to your child’s skin tone).
  4. Glue handprints onto blue (or other color) construction paper and then triangle just over the hands. (Hands will form the wings, and the triangle with form the angel’s body)
  5. Glue the circle at the top of the triangle, just covering the tip.
  6. Glue the gold cord just above the circle to form a halo. (optional)

Handprint angel craft for kids.

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