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Keepsake Handprint Craft and Poem

Keepsake Handprint Craft and Poem
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Little ones can create a memorable handprint craft and poem as a keepsake.

By Julia Wallace [Julia is a student from the Center for Arts and Technology (Pickering Campus) in Phoenixville, PA]

What You Need:

  • white paper (or a dishcloth, apron, etc.)
  • paint (tempera, acrylic, fabric, etc.)
  • sponge or paintbrush
  • pen or pencil
  • the “my hand” poem (below)

What You Do:

    1. Each child paints is or her own hand (you may need to offer assistance to younger children).
    2. Children then place their hands on the paper (or dishcloth or apron) to create a handprint.
    3. Allow the paint to dry.
    4. If they are able to, allow the child to write his/her name. If not help them with this step.
    5. Paste the poem next to their hand print:

This is my hand so tiny and small
For you to place upon the wall
So you can watch as years go by
How we have grown, my hand and I

Another poem:

Sometimes I might upset you
Just because I’m small
By leaving fingerprints of mine
On a table, chair or wall.
But everyday I grow a bit
And I’ll be big one day
When all my tiny fingerprints
Have long been cleaned away
So keep these prints of my two hands
To help you to recall
Just how big my fingers were
That time when I was small.

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