Handprint Rainbows

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Amie Lording [Amie is a preschool teacher at Fit Kidz in Glenwood, Australia]

Children will see that every hand print is different as they work together on a colorful cooperative rainbow art project.

What You Need:

  • Multicolored paints of your choice
  • Large paper or cardboard
  • Trays to put paint on for hand prints
  • Optional: rubber gloves

What You Do:

  1. Ask the children, “Who would like to make a rainbow with their hand print?”
  2. Ask the children to choose a color they want their hand print to be.
  3. Ask each child to put their hand out, spreading their fingers.
  4. Let the child dip his/her hand into the color of their choice.
  5. Place the child’s hand onto the row of their color choice.
  6. Discuss the differences in size, shape and color of all the children’s hand prints.