Heart Mobiles

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With just a few materials, you and your students can create a mobile with a Valentine’s Day theme. This is a fun and kinetic project!

What You Need:

  • Red construction paper.
  • Heavy poster paper.
  • Foil (from an old pie plate or roasting pan – or you can buy foil at the craft stores).
  • Scissors.
  • Pencils
  • String or yarn.
  • A hole punch.

What You Do:

Cut out a whole bunch of construction paper hearts (10 medium sized)

Cut out one large heart using the poster paper.

Using 5 of your construction paper hearts as templates, trace onto the foil and cut out five foil hearts. (Don’t trace the large heart onto foil).

Next, take your construction paper hearts and cut smaller hearts out of them so you are left with only the outlines of a heart as seen in the diagram.

Glue the open hearts on the foil (front and back) to create red rimmed foil hearts.

Also, cut the inner part out of the large poster paper heart.

Punch holes in the tops of your foil hearts and in the large heart.

Tie yarn to the foil hearts and to the large heart shape while it is in a flat position. (See finished diagram)

Also tie yarn to the top of the large heart to hang your mobile. (See finished diagram)