Painted Ladybug Garden Rock

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Make a cute painted ladybug rock for the garden.

By Sandy Waters [Sandy is a teacher at Athol/Royalston Regional Schools]

What You Need:

  • Rocks
  • Red and Black Tempera or Acrylic Paint
  • Brushes
  • Clear coat spray optional)
  • Note: acrylic paint with be more permanent than tempera paint.

What You Do:

Go for a walk and have the children select their rocks.

Wash and dry the rocks.

Become “scientists” and determine the best way to position the rock.

Paint the rock red.

Optional: While the rock is drying, kids can decorate a Mother’s Day Card using this poem:

A ladybug
I’ve made with love
to set among your flowers
To let you know I love you
and appreciate your hours.

Once the card is decorated and the red paint is dry, kids can add the black features of ladybug.

Let dry.

Apply a clear coat spray to preserve the paint.

Further Study: Read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle, talk about the life cycle of the ladybug or characteristics of arthropods.