Little Paper Clouds

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Kindergarten students will read the Eric Carle book, Little Cloud, and then create a work of art based on the story.

By Holly LaForge [Holly is a Bellevue Union Elementary/Teacher Assistant and after school daycare program provider from Santa Rosa California.]

What You Need:

What You Do:

After reading the story and discussing The Little Cloud, we made our own clouds to go with our Raindrop Pictures. On piece of the white paper, draw a large cloud by drawing a large fluffy circle.

  1. Have each child draw the face on the Little Cloud
  2. Put both pieces of paper together and cut out cloud along the lines you drew. (I had to help my Kindergartners with this part)
  3. Paste or staple around the cloud leaving top open like a pocket.
  4. Wad up some of the newspaper and stuff the cloud with it.
  5. Staple or paste the top of the cloud closed so the stuffing won’t fall out.
  6. Staple onto bulletin board with the rain pictures

Paper Cloud image courtesy of  SouthernSkyArt, Etsy