Make a Snake

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Students will use cups and pantyhose to make snakes!

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

  • Colorful plastic cups (10 or so per student … if you have less, that’s ok, the snake will just be smaller).
  • Pantyhose leg (make sure no one needs it anymore).
  • Newspaper.
  • A sharp pencil, pen, awl or other sharp instrument for poking holes.
  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • A pair of scissors
  • Optional: Colorful plastic plates (2 per student).
  • Optional: Paper Fasteners (you can just use hot glue instead).
  • Optional: Fishing line (if you have it).

What You Do:

  • Using the pen (or an awl – with an adult’s help) punch a hole in the base of each cup.
  • Thread the cups onto the pantyhose leg, through the holes you have punched. To space the cups, put a piece of balled up newspaper into each cup after it is threaded.
  • At the front of your line of cups, cut and paste a construction paper tongue. and draw a set of eyes onto the first cup, to create a face for the snake.OR (try this as an optional way to create the snake’s head)
    • To make the snake’s head, cut the rim of a plastic plate and punch two small holes for the eyes.
    • Punch a large hole at the edge of the plate between the eyes and thread the pantihose through this hole.
    • Thread the pantyhose through the base of another cup which will be the mouth. Tie a knot in the end of the pantihose.
    • Cut the base off two plastic cups to make eyes. Attach the eyes to the paper plate head using either paper fasteners or hot glue.
  • Cut a triangular piece for a tail, punch a hole in it and fasten it to the end of the snake’s body.
  • You can attach fishing line to the snake and hang the snake from the ceiling.

Did You Know?

Snakes have a heart, lungs, kidneys and essentially all of the same organs that humans have. However, snakes don’t have eyelids, nor do they have ears. They smell (or taste) the air with their tongues and they can live anywhere from 10 – 25 years on average.