Make Tiny Boats

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Looking for an fun way to create a fabulous floating mini-ship? Even if you don’t live by the sea, you can still have fun in the bathtub or kitchen sink with these clever walnut (or egg carton cup) tiny boats.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

Simply gather some walnuts & nut crackers (or egg cartons if there are nut allergies), toothpicks, glue (hot glue or white glue), some paper, scissors, markers and a few pebbles or tiny beads.

What You Do:

Ready, set, go and crack a walnut in half. Or, cut apart an egg carton and select one of the egg cups.

The goal is to crack the walnut in such a way that you are left with a half shell that is just right for the hull of your boat.

Now you are ready to begin working on the sail. Cut a piece of paper in the shape of your choice: a triangle for a sailboat, rectangles for a pirate ship… you decide.

Once the sail is cut, it can be decorated with magic markers and attached to a toothpick with glue – or if you wish, poke the toothpick right through the paper.

Now it is time to secure the toothpick sail to the inside of the walnut shell (or egg carton cup). Use a dab of white glue or a hot glue gun (with adult supervision of course).

To complete this sea-worthy vessel, add a few painted pebbles, beads or buttons to the edge of the shell and get ready to set sail.

WARNING: Before beginning this project, be sure that there are no children in your care who have walnut allergies. To be safe, use egg cartons instead!