Ocean Themed Wreaths

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Students can make seaside themed ocean ornaments for the Christmas tree.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

  • a wreath shaped form (we found ours (about 6″ in diameter) – made of masonite – at the craft store, but you could cut out your own from cardboard or heavy paper)
  • tissue paper (shades of blue)
  • glittery embellishments from the craft store
  • white glue
  • old paintbrushes
  • seashells (we used empty periwinkle shells collected at the beach)
  • ribbon
  • scissors (optional)
  • paint (optional)

What You Do:

Tear or cut the tissue paper into small pieces.

Use an old paintbrush to apply glue to your wreath form.

Attach the tissue paper pieces to the form until it is covered.

Let the paper dry a bit and then start adding your shells and ocean embellishments with glue.

Allow to dry, attach a ribbon and hang on the tree!

Note: If working with older students, you may wish to paint the wreath forms first before applying the paper.

Ocean-inspired wreath decoration craft for kids. KinderArt.com