Painting Birdhouses with Kwik Stix

Birdhouse painted with Kwik Stix.


Kids can use Kwik Stix – solid paint sticks – on wood to create fabulous decorative birdhouses. And, you could win a set of your own Kwik Stix!

I’m no stranger to Kwik Stix paint sticks…

My daughter and I have used them countless times to create colourful drawings and paintings like these Row Houses and Rainbow Owls.

I love them because they dry quickly and require no water, brushes or clean up. She loves them because of the bright, bold colours. I knew they worked like a charm on paper, but I wondered how they would behave on wood.

Since we had some miniature wooden birdhouses kicking around the studio, I thought we would try painting them with Kwik Stix. Here’s how it turned out…

What You Need:

  • Wooden birdhouses (available at craft stores and dollar stores)
  • Kwik Stix paint sticks
  • Magic Markers

Birdhouse painted with Kwik Stix.

What You Do:

No special preparation of the wood is needed, but if you feel it necessary, you could paint it with a coat of primer before beginning.

Use Kwik Stix just like paint, to cover the wood.

Birdhouse painted with Kwik Stix. Birdhouse painted with Kwik Stix.

The paint will behave like oil pastels at first but will dry quickly, with no risk of smearing.

For small areas, we used magic markers because the Kwik Stix were just too thick to get into the teeny tiny crevices. But Kwik Stix Thin Stix would work quite nicely. Same paint, smaller delivery system.

Birdhouse painted with Kwik Stix.

Because it takes no time to dry (just 90 seconds!), you can add little details (like polka dots and lines) without having to wait.

Birdhouse painted with Kwik Stix. Birdhouse painted with Kwik Stix.

If you would like to display the wooden birdhouses outside, it’s a good idea to add a water-based sealer.

Birdhouse painted with Kwik Stix.

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If you would like a chance to try Kwik Stix on wood (or paper, or canvas), enter to win a set of your very own!

(Open to US Residents only.)

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