Painting with Flowers

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Students will use flowers to create lovely works of art.

By Amy Prater [Amy is a student teacher in a trainably mentally impaired classroom]

What You Need:

  • flowers: carnations, mums and daisies work the best. (Go to a flower shop and ask for their flowers at the end of the day. They usually throw out wilting flowers so they should be happy to let you have them for educational purposes.)
  • tempera paint
  • white construction paper (11″ x 14″)
  • paint brushes

What You Do:

  1. Start by talking about the flowers and all the different colors there are.
  2. (Optional) Students paint part of the paper blue (to represent sky).
  3. (Optional) Students paint part of the paper green (to represent ground).
  4. (Optional) Students then paint flower stems onto the paper.
  5. Next, they can take the flowers and dip them into the paint. If too much paint is on the flower, they don’t print as nicely so be sure to use the paint sparingly and/or blot the flower on a separate sheet of paper before printing.
  6. When students get the shape they desire, they can place the flower on the stem which is painted on the paper. has a wonderful image-rich tutorial of this craft.


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