Paper Bag Butterfly Puppets

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Students will make butterfly puppets using paper bags.

By Linda J. Moucha [Linda is a K-12 Art Instructor at Barry Community Schools, Barry, IL]

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Using one or two sheets of tissue, fold in half and twist in the middle to create two wings. Teacher will tape to back of puppet.
  2. Student will use markers to create a face on the top section of the sack. Sticker features could be used.
  3. Pipe cleaner antenna could be added with tape and glue.

Note: This project is teacher intensive.


  • A variation could be to cut out wings from construction paper and add marker patterns.
  • For older students, I have them fold paper in half and draw a letter “B” on the fold. We cut it out and create wings.
  • Create wings (letter “B”) and copy on colored copy paper and then add marker design.
  • Use a book about butterflies to tell a story, or write a story as a class.

Image: Kids & Glitter