Paper Marigolds

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Learn how to make colorful paper marigolds.

By Anitra Redlefsen

This project is too cute! Marigolds grow plentifully in Mexico and are an integral part of Dia De Los Muertos ~ Days of the Dead ~ celebrations.

On November 1st (for deceased children) and November 2nd (for adults), special altars (offerendas) are prepared for the departed loved ones, adorned with special artifacts and many marigolds, as well as special foods.

It is said that the departed are welcomed back each year by the smell of the foods and the marigolds!

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Recycle a tin can by: sanding the top edges and painting it white (with spray paint or gesso).
  2. Use the flower template (CLICK HERE FOR TEMPLATE) and print one yellow and one orange flower petal papers. When constructing the flower, you will alternate the pieces by color so you actually have petals for two flowers. I only used one for this project.
  3. Use the template for the leaves (CLICK HERE FOR TEMPLATE) and print two different greens, again, you will have leaves for two flowers.
  4. Roll and 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of green paper and tape it in the back, this is the stem.
  5. Cut out the flower petals and cut along the black lines, being careful not to cut all the way through. With the black lines on the back, bend the petals forward so that they are sort of curled. Assemble the petals (alternating the yellow and orange) with glue.
  6. Cut out the leaves.
  7. Attach the marigold to the top of the stem and the leaves to the side.
  8. Using acrylic or tempera paint, create a picture or design on your can.
  9. When your painting is dry, insert your marigold into the can and secure with some hot glue.

Marigold sculpture.Marigold sculpture.